For Sale By Owner is Just Like Killing Cows

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Cows in Kansas City - Real estate by Jay!

The National Association of Realtors has this staggering fact: 

  • The share of home sellers who sold their home without the assistance of a real estate agent was 10%. (And 40% of those sellers knew the buyer prior to home purchase)

In the industry, call these FSBOs (For Sale By Owner). I just listed one of these properties this week and got to thinking about why someone would try to go this route with their home, but not in other parts of their lives:


>>>  "Man, I could use a steak. I think I'm going to go find a cow, kill it in my driveway and cut it apart until I find that part that we put on the grill. And think of all that extra meat we will have for the rest of the year! (Those dang butchers don't have a thing on me!")

>>>  "Wow, my tooth hurts. (That was some tough meat I just bit into). I think that set of pliars that my daughter got me for Christmas last year should do the trick. But first I should spray some of my newborn's gum-numbing solution on there to lessen the discomfort. (Those dang dentists don't have a thing on me!")

>>>  "Ouch! I broke my toe while trying to dodge that big cow carcus! Hang on a minute and I'll just tie it to that popcycle stick and were is my duct tape?? (Those dang doctors don't have a thing on me!")

>>>  "Ya know, after all this excitement, I'd love to fly to Hawaii. I think I can probably figure that out after all those video games I used to play. I'll just run down and get my flying license and fly out there in a few months... after all the certifications... and insurance... and practice.... but in the LONG RUN I'm sure it will be much cheaper than Delta. (Those dang airlines don't have a thing on me!")


Ha ha! I suppose there are some people who think they can jump right in and sell a piece of real estate better than people who do that every day. And maybe they have the time to show the home, market it, shoot awesome photos, blog about it, hold it open, ON TOP OF keeping it clean and well staged. (They have to take a vacation from their REAL job to do this NEW job!)

Seriously, no hard feelings on all the FSBOs out there. I get it, listing a house for sale costs money. But so does a lot of stuff and often there is a reason there is a charge for that service: BECAUSE IT'S DANG HARD! 


All this talk makes me want a steak. I think I passed a pasture on the way to work this morning....


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Kelly Cherry
Keller Williams Preferred Realty - Raleigh, NC
Keller Williams Preferred Realty

Too funny Jay...sometimes they have to go through the process to realize how tough it is and then you can get 'em when they realize it's too hard and it's a lot of work! :-)

Aug 16, 2013 06:30 AM

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