Why do I love Pleasant Hill, CA?

Real Estate Broker/Owner

After living here for almost 2 years, I've come to appreciate the serenity that this City has to offer. I used to live in Pittsburg, just north from here and it was a different world. I'm not bashing Pittsburg at all, it's a great area for first time home buyers. However, if anyone would choose to move up, Pleasant Hill has my two thumbs up!

First, the downtown area boasts a variety of shops and restaurants. Where I live, I can walk there for dinner, movie, and coffee!

Second, Sunvalley Mall. The only Mall in the area. Many Great Shops and restaurants nearby.

Third, Pleasant Hill City Softball League. I know alot of cities have their own league, but I like our city league because I personally play in it. Their Park and Rec system is wonderful and helpful. They even have a dog park for your 4 legged friends to mingle and play!

Here are some links for this beautiful city...

City of Pleasant Hill, CA

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Mount Diablo School District

Pleasant Hill Park and Recreation

Enjoy browsing my wonderful city!