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As Holmes County's premier (and only) country club subdivision, Dogwood Lakes also brings back fond memories of the bygone Sixties era.

When the news came out that an eccentric Englishman named Charles Leslie Walker had bought land about seven miles outside Bonifay to develop, most locals reacted with equal amounts of disbelief and amusement. An older farmhouse on the property was used as headquarters, and Walker began an intensive public relations effort.

The man had a natural flair for networking. He cooperated with the Holmes Creek Soil Conservation District to get engineering assistance.

He held juke box parties with local professionals and politicians invited, not omitting juniors and seniors at HCHS. These teens were even treated to a moonlight hayride around the property with its 90 acres of new artificial lakes. After the hayride, it was back to the temporary clubhouse for more dancing to the Platters, Johnny Mathis, Jim Reeves, Peggy Lee, and Patsy Cline.

Walker died before his dream was completely realized, but he saw the completion of the lakes, golf course, water system, some street paving, and construction of a few homes. Retirees from all parts of the world are still coming to Dogwood Lakes and property values are on the rise. But this growing community will always have a special appeal for locals who remember its earliest beginnings and the decades of dances, wedding receptions, and class reunions which followed.