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An Overview of the Mortgage Loan Process- 6 Easy Steps!

Mortgage and Lending with Bay to Bay Lending LLC


Frustrated about obtaining a mortgage? Marc Hutchison, Mortgage Loan Originator with Bay to Bay Lending in Tampa, Florida breaks down the process for you in 6 simple steps.



1. Organize Your Documents: By collecting most of the necessary information upfront, we analyze your situation and shop your loan around to the hundreds of lenders that we work with. This enables us to offer you the lowest interest rate available, depending on the type of loan you best qualify for. 

2. Get Qualified: After gathering your information, we run it through a complex online loan approval system to tell us--within seconds--whether you are qualified for a particular loan or not. You won’t have to wait weeks to know an answer. Of course, the final decision always rests with a human Underwriter, who will review your loan file including credit history, financial standing, property value, etc. amongst other factors. 

3. Shop Loan Programs and Rates: With years of experience under our belt, we’ve been able to find loans for people who thought they could never even qualify for a loan. Some have had a bankruptcy, recently gotten divorced, or just have a unique and unusual “financial situation”. If there’s a loan program you qualify for, we’ll find it! 

4. Apply for a Loan: We neatly and concisely package your information in the best light possible and then submit it to one of our lender partners for review. We also take things one-step further and position your application to minimize any questions from the lender. This helps you get approved faster! 

5. Obtain Loan Approval: While in review, we set up the loan closing with a closing agent in your area, order title work and an appraisal on your property. We also work with the underwriter to clear any conditions or stipulations that may arise on your file. We anticipate and overcome obstacles early on in order to close your loan quickly. 

6. Close the Loan: Once all conditions have been cleared through the lender, we immediately move to close your loan as soon as possible. The loan process typically takes between 30 to 45 days to complete (however, we have closed loans in as little as 2 weeks before!). 

Bay to Bay Lending is based in Tampa, Florida. The company has a team of mortgage brokers ready and willing to assist you with any of your loan needs. To reach Mortgage Loan Originator Marc Hutchison, contact him directly at (813) 489-5566 or reach out to him via email: marc@baytobaylending.com. With today’s interest rates at an all-time low, it is important to lock in today. Visit us on the web at www.baytobaylending.com and use our free mortgage loan calculators to see if it is a good time for you to refinance your home.

Whether you are seeking to purchase a new home or refinancing (
http://www.baytobaylending.com/home.html) your current Tampa Mortgage (http://www.baytobaylending.com/rentvsBuyCalc.html), let us show you the way. Bay to Bay Lending is associated with the nation's unsurpassed pricing leaders. The Bay to Bay Lending team of Tampa Mortgage Brokers (http://www.baytobaylending.com/staff/) will make the mortgage process as simple as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a premier level of customer support and we look forward to getting you the best financing available.


John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Marc - Thank you for sharing another excellent blog about an overview of the mortgage loan process six easy steps.

Aug 19, 2013 09:11 AM