Shopping Is More Valuable at The Shops At Highland Village

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Can we all agree that $3000 is a lot of money, especially when it's going to an elementary school?

The past two years, Heritage Elementary (Go Hawks!) has been the big winner of the generous donation from The Shops at Highland Village in Highland Village, TX.  One of the improvements made at Heritage was the addition of the "Hawk's Nest" a cozy place for students to enjoy reading books and iPads.  How cool is that!  

So, it's that time of year.  There are many ways you can support your local elementary school and you can see all of the rules and ways you can help your school some easy cash!  Keeping shopping local at centers like The Shops at Highland Village is a win-win for local business owners, residents and our schools!

Elementary School Rewards Program

Program Dates: August 16, 2013 – October 13, 2013

  • Receipts must be from purchases made at The Shops at Highland Village and dated August 16, 2013 – October 13, 2013.  Receipts from ANY retailer or Restaurant (including AMC)  located WITHIN The Shops at Highland Village may be turned in at one of the 7 locations listed below throughout the program. Receipts turned in from retailers/restaurants not located within The Shops at Highland Village will not be counted towards total points.
  • Receipts can be collected from friends and families, however, may not be collected from retailers or customers in the mall.
  • Shoppers that do not need to hold on to their receipt may drop them in an It’s Elementary Collection box at any of the following retailers throughout the duration of the program (store hours vary).
    In the common Area Outside of the Management Office (on a table across from the public restrooms)
    Megan's Lifestyle Boutique
    The Flour Shop Bakery
    Nestle Toll House Café
    Adventure Kids Playcare
    Tangerine Salon
  • There are some retailers that have the ability to print out a duplicate receipt.  Shoppers are welcome to ask the retailer if they have this ability but note that not all retailers are capable of accommodating that request.
  • Please keep in mind that retail has the potential to frequently change members of their staff.  If an employee is new to a store, they may not know the details or understand the program.  The Shops at Highland Village has sent program details to every retailer within The Shops at Highland Village concerning the program.  We will do our best to follow-up with the retailers to remind them of program details.  We will also have the program details listed on our website at
  • If you need to hold on to your receipts, you will need to coordinate with your individual school coordinator.

Follow Us on Facebook Post a comment on our Facebook page to tell us what you like about shopping at The Shops at Highland Village or what was purchased at your visit to The Shops at Highland Village. (don’t forget to mention your school name) and receive 10 “It’s Elementary” points (limit one posting per day per fan).  Points will not be awarded to general posts: EXAMPLE of what not to post: “Go School Name!”  Although, cheering your school on is wonderful as long as the other information is included as well.  Only posts dated between August 16 – October 13 will be counted towards total points.

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