Rural Ranch Land For Sale Kingman, Arizona

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Rural Ranch Land For Sale Kingman, Arizona Active Ranching in Northern Arizona

This blog post is a description of four of the rural communities along the I-40 in Northern Arizona near Kingman.  Kingman land for sale. Sections of the historic ranches have now been developed into mini-ranches for country living.  This post will include elevation, topography, vegetation, water, views and the rules in each area about property size, splitting parcels, and having animals.

History of the Ranches along I-40

Abundant water in this dry region of the Southwest attracted ranching, road building, and the railroad.  Ranching continues today north and south of the strip across Northern Arizona divided by Interstate 40.  Some of the old ranches have sold off part or all of their land; initially dividing it into parcels from 40 to 36 acres.  We will start east of Kingman with Windmill Ranch and move east to the Lazy-YU Ranch, Cedar Hills Ranches, and Willow Creek Ranch.

Windmill Ranch

Windmill Ranch, much of it still a working cattle ranch, is located approximately 30 miles east of Kingman, 10 miles from Interstate 40 and off of Hwy 93 South.  In the 1800's this area was known as a picnic spot fA Long View Windmill Ranch Kingman Arizonaor people travelling between Kingman and Phoenix.  At 3000 to 3500 feet elevation, the hills slope upward to the east have grasses, palo christi trees and high-desert cactus and shrubs.  The POA (Property Owner's Association) maintains the roads and charges under $4 a year per acre for that service.  Windmill is the only one of these neighborhoods which allows commercial development in the parcels fronting Hwy 93.  Horses and cattle in "reasonable number" for personal use are allowed here but no swine.  Water has been found by most property owners who have drilled for it.  Some parcels here can be divided put the minimum size is 5 acres.  Some properties are on the grid, others have generators, or have installed solar.  Views here are long and open with mountains to the east and south.  Deer and antelope abound. 

Lazy Y-U RanchHome for Sale in the Lazy Y-U

The Lazy Y-U Ranch is located in the Hualapai Foothills southeast of Kingman.  The homes on these small ranch parcels have to be site-built and a minimum of 1500 sq ft; home prices in this area are higher than in the other areas.  The elevation here is about 5000 feet, giving it milder summers than the lower regions.  Well water and grid-tied electric are the norm here.  The minimum parcel size is 4 acres, though most are between 5 and 10.  This beautiful, rugged high-desert area with an occasional juniper tree is within minutes of downtown shopping and hospitals.  There are both an HOA (low fees) and an Architectural Control Committee.  These horse properties afford privacy, miles of hiking and horse trails, mild year-round climate and incredible views.

Cedar Hills Ranches

Cedar Hills Ranches Kingman ArizonaCedar Hills Ranches are located about 20 miles to the northeast and uphill from Kingman as the land rises into the Peacock Mountains.  There are wells in the area; drilling is very likely to find water here.  The rolling hills have light, varied high-desert vegetation.  The climate is mild year-round at an elevation between 3200 to 4000 feet.  Parcel sizes vary greatly here, though most are 10 acres and up.  There is no POA fee; roads are maintained by the developer.  Horses and cattle are welcome in here.  Property in Cedar Hills has access to phone and grid-tied electricity.  Wildlife here includes deer, antelope, javalina, and the occasional elk. 

Willow Creek RanchWillow Creek Ranch, Kingman, Arizona

Willow Creek Ranch is further uphill from Cedar Hills (at 4500 to 5800 feet) just after the ecosystem changes from open vegetation to dense juniper and pinion pines.  The land changes here, too, hills get steeper, canyons deeper. This is a rare and amazing area.  Visitors frequently see elk in addition to the deer and javalina.  Willow Creek parcels are 36 acres and up and splitting is not allowed enhancing privacy.  The climate is mild year-round and the mountain views are amazing.  The POA charges $5 per year per acre to maintain the roads.  Horses and other animals are welcome (except pigs) and at home here.  The soil is fertile and great for home gardens. 


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I have 480 acres of ranch land that I am selling just north of I-40 in the Diamond M rand area of Ft. Rock. I have owned it over 25 years and my family is not interested in it any more. Beautiful meadows and views.

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Please contact Elise, not me.

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