What Kind of Buyer Are You?

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What Kind of Buyer Are You?


When they first, call many prospective buyers tell me they want a fixer-upper. It’s sooooo trendy to be a fixer upper buyer these days. It can be a wise decision, too, depending on circumstances. I ask a lot of questions because I’ve learned my idea of a fixer-upper is considerably different than many other people’s ideas.

What kind of buyer are you?

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The Pristine Buyer—You are not a fixer-upper buyer. You want a house ready to move into so you can concentrate on your new job or new baby. You want great carpet, fresh paint, up to date appliances, gorgeous tile, and a recently mowed yard. The biggest headaches for you will be deciding where the couch is going. You’ll pay a few dollars extra to find this house. Often you’ll have to beat out other interested buyers in a multiple offer situation. Smart sellers are preparing their homes for your viewing pleasure right now.


Haslet Homes for SaleThe Up Dater Buyer—The Up To Dater Buyer can see how new paint and floor coverings can change a room. Appalling magenta walls or ugly wallpaper don’t daunt them. The UTD Buyer likes choosing new paint colors and imagining original window treatments. They will prefer the home had wonderful hardwoods instead of carpet, but they can see having that done before they move in. The closest they want to get to a kitchen remodel is choosing new appliances and fresh wall color. There’s still pretty good competition for this type of home...be prepared to make a solid offer quickly when you find it.


The Visionary Buyer— These buyers get that a run down house will need a redone kitchen or a complete bathroom gut job. These buyers love a foreclosure or a ‘Grandma’s House.’ Foreclosures often suffer from abuse or neglect. Grandma House homes haven’t been updated since Kennedy was in office, but are in otherwise great shape. These buyers are going to be known a bit more at the local hardware shops. They are also going to be asking all their friends who they know who does good tile work.  In the end, they will have a home with a lot of sweat equity built right in.


Then there are the truly Brave Souls who rub their hands in glee when they spy holes in walls, missing cabinetry, and foul smelling carpets. Termite damage? No problem.  No electrical? Not an issue. Rotten floors? Easy.

These buyers are the most experienced in home remodeling and updating. Maybe they’ve done serious rehab or remodeling projects in each of their last three houses. Smart ones have a small pile of cash waiting for the big unpleasant surprises the work crews find when they rip out a wall. They also have great relationships with many different sub-contractors. And if they don’t before they start the project, they certainly will after. The Brave Soul Buyers are wonderful for a neighborhood because they take what could be an unsightly junk house and turn it back into a home.

What Kind of Buyer Are You? The majority of my potential fixer-upper clients decide they really don’t have as much time and vision as they thought they did once we start looking for houses. These folks decide a little paint and carpet is easy...but it’s even easier to find a home where the seller has conveniently done all that hard work for them. Paying a few dollars more to move into a fresh, pretty home pleases them.

Whether you are a tried and true fixer or an ‘I’ll choose new paint’ kinda buyer, I love helping you find a great property. I know properties all over the DFW area for all types of buyers. Call me and I’ll tell you about what I’ve found.




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Margaret Goss
Baird & Warner Real Estate - Winnetka, IL
Chicago's North Shore & Winnetka Real Estate

Fifteen years ago, I had many "brave souls" and "visionary" buyers.  Nowadays, most buyers want everything done.  Many of them move from downtown Chicago to the North Shore and have been living in new condos.  So they are used to updated new homes rather than fixer-uppers.

Aug 23, 2013 12:46 AM