Photography Often Makes the Sale

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Photography Often Makes the Sale

10 tips on making a listing more effective as posted on Facebook


Great tips on 'dressing up' a home for sale -- but illustrated with sub-par photography. That entire series fails to address the first rule of home selling: potential buyers must be moved to the front door of the listed property. In the Internet age, third rate photography -- meaning tilted walls, hot and dark spots, and various other negative impact shots of the kind showcased in this pitch -- will leave online shoppers cold and they'll never see your expensive on-site improvements. The difference between quality photography and snapshots is a few hundred dollars .. about the amount a seller will lose by leaving a listing on the market for an additional 30 days. My suggestion for Tip # 11 is: drill your listing agent about the photographer he/she plans to employ to showcase your property. If the answer is "I take those myself" then shop around for a better deal. There are NO expert photographers moonlighting as top-level marketing experts. However, you can bet the farm that a top-level marketing specialist will be someone who will willingly admit to delegating the photography to an equally competent individual or company in that very different skill.

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