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real estate is the backbone of the economy. "everyone needs a place to live"; this was a common theme at the Inman Connect conference in NYC this January. a career in real estate sales is a commitment to your self and to others. although an independent contractor, you are part of a team of professionals on a local, state and national level. forget breaking the glass ceiling or flexibility of hours, ant last but not least" i like people and i like houses" mentality. this career transcends most business relationships. as Realtors, we get involved in the most intimate parts of peoples lives and do it with disclosed relationships and huge hearts.

i believe that it is a liberating experience to manage a group of professional Realtors and Realtor associates. as one grows in their career, they grow as a person, and this makes for an excellent and effective person. there is no "stereotypical" person who makes it in real estate. dedication and diversity is today's Realtor.

i love the hiring process (yes there is one) and the learning process for each and every person. what can we, as managers, do to make this journey even better?

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