A good time to put things in perspective.

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We're selling our home. Now there is nothing unusual about this, it's our 7th move in 13 years. I suspect that a surprising number of people in Real Estate sales have a similar story, when you are in and out of 34 or 40 homes a week sooner or later you are going to meet one that speaks to you, at least for a few years until the next one comes along. Two observations have surfaced, there are probably a lot more down below the water line but right now I'm just too tired to see them. First getting a home ready to put on the market is a very hard job. We keep a clean home, and its only 3 ½ years old, but the little things sure mount up. And second is the emotional toll it takes on your psyche. It this the right time? Is this the right house? Price? Rates? Will our dog, Lulu, go crazy? And on and on...  There are a lot of sleepless nights and do you know the kicker...we're both in the business! We should know the answers. I think it's a great wake up call; it helps you remember the uncertainty attached to any move. The lessons learned will help us both relate with our clients in the future as it has in the past, sometimes we all need a reminder of what we already know. So next time you hand some folks their "to do" list let them know you really appreciate their hard work and to keep their eyes on the prize. It will all be worth it in the end.

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