Manhattan Home Inspector, Does He Work For Me?

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Manhattan Home Inspector, Does He Work For Me?


As the buyer and the person who will be paying the home inspector, your first thought is the home inspector is working for you.  At marketing sessions for home inspectors, well noted speakers have been know to address the definition of the customer and the client; the customer is the real estate agent, while the homebuyer is the client.  This could mean the home inspector you choose does not have your best interest at heart because he may be working for his next job, from the real estate agent.


Another conflict of interest for the home inspector is that  some buyers want to defer the payment of the home inspector to the closing costs.  Some times because of the information given by the home inspectors, the sale might fall through, causing payment of services to become a problem for the inspector.  If the home inspector's pay is contingent on the closing of the sale, the quality of the information may come into question.  This information is important because it is the same information you will use to help you make an intelligent decision regarding the purchase of this home.


When looking for a professional home inspector in the Manhattan area, you will want to look for a home inspector that subscribes to a professional code of ethics. Some home inspectors will not accept payment at the closing of the sale, and it is their belief as a professional home inspector that their loyalty should be to the prospective homebuyer.   The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors is one of the organizations that stand by a Code of Ethics most home inspectors follow. 


In the Manhattan area there are several companies in which their home inspectors are all certified and licensed by the National Association of  Certified Home Inspectors

To prevent a conflict of interest, home inspectors should only participate in duties, which are home inspection related.  It would be difficult for a home inspector to remain unbiased in his inspection of your home, it he sells furnaces on the side.


When you are faced with the daunting task of buying a home, it can be difficult to find a quality home inspector. Hopefully you will be able to find one, who has your best interests at heart and whom is working for you.  After reading this article, check on the web for services listing home inspection companies, and you will be able to look up several companies that do home inspections in the Manhattan area. Now you can find the right home inspector for you that will work for you and not the real estate agent..





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