Queens Home Inspectors Have Their Limitations

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Queens Home Inspectors Have Their Limitations



One of the best values of having your Queens home inspected is the fact you will have the chance to have a one-on-one with a professional home inspector regarding your home.  There is a certain amount of peace of mind, which comes with having your home examined by an inspector.  He or she will find conditions that if left unattended, could result in major repairs or replacements farther down the road.  This makes the fee paid to the home inspector seem modest in comparison.   It can also equate to an insurance policy premium on an indefinite policy term with no deductible.  A professional home inspection from Queens is the best way to protect your investment.  A home inspection will make you aware of any existing conditions, however it was not created to remove all risks.


Even after having the most complete home inspection, there can still be something you will discover after moving in.  This can be frustrating and understandably so.  Didn't the inspector catch this?  You may discover certain conditions in your home after you have moved in for these reasons:

A home inspection is a non-invasive inspection, which is conducted without moving personal property, furniture, equipment, plants, soil, ice, snow or debris.  Destructive techniques are not permitted or used by the home inspector.  After moving-in, should you decide to tear down a wall for an addition to the home, pull away carpet or take down cabinetry you may find something, which was not visible at the time of the inspection.

Some problems cannot be seen during the time of the home inspection because it only becomes apparent during day-to-day living in the home.  A shower may leak after a lengthy shower or maybe because of the weight of someone standing in the shower, but will not leak during home inspections.  Some basement or roofs will only leak during certain conditions such as an extremely hard storm or constant high winds.  It is possible they will only leak when rain is blowing from just the right direction.  These problems can only be discovered over time.

There can be many factors, which can come into play to prevent a condition from being seen by the home inspector.  On the day of the inspection, was there snow in Queens?  Was it dry for many weeks in Queens? Then there could be usage, events or changes, which might have taken place since the inspection.


Home and building inspectors are a lot like detective working on a case.  They search for clues for the presence of a problem or even just a hint of a problem.  If there are no clues, they won't suspect anything.  Usually it is the minor problems, which don't leave behind any clues.


It is the main focus of the home inspector to uncover major problems, which will have a major affect on the home's function of keeping you and your investment safe.  Along the way some minor conditions will be noted.  It can happen that a condition is seen as a minor one and due to the lack of further evidence may eventually become a larger problem requiring extensive repairs.


All in all the home inspectors servicing the Queens area are licensed and certified to conduct a proper and thorough home inspection for both buyers and sellers to the best of their abilities. Just keep in mind that there are some things, which can't be seen by the naked eye without causing damage to the home.






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