Yonkers Home Inspection, Should You Have One Done?

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Yonkers  Home Inspection, Should You Have One Done?



Whether you are buying or selling your home in Yonkers, it is a good idea to have your home inspected.  The inspection entails an objective visual examination of the structural and plumbing and electrical systems of a home, from roof to foundation.  If there are any problems in the home, the home inspector will recommend an additional assessment inspection or the inspector may suggest a solution.  Basically the inspection will sum up the condition of the property.  It will point out areas of the home, which need repairs and will identify the areas, which will need attention in the future.  Buyers and sellers rely on an accurate home inspection to give them the knowledge required to make an intelligent decision regarding purchasing or selling the home.  Following the inspection, both parties will have a better idea of the value and maintenance needs of the property.


There are several good reasons to have a home inspection done if you are planning a purchase of a home in Yonkers.


Reason #1


Being the businessman or women that you are, it only makes good sense.  The average price of a home is over $400,000.  A new roof can cost you from $6,000 to $35,000, and a new furnace can cost you from  $3,000 to  $10,000.  Wouldn't you prefer to know these things needed replacement before you bought the house?  A home inspection would have told you.


Reason #2


You will have peace of mind knowing the condition of the home you are considering to purchase.   It doesn't matter the age of the building they all need repairs.  It is not uncommon for repair estimates to run into the thousands of dollars.


Reason #3


You will have more information.  Having the right information will help you make a good decision and not worry about it.  Buying real estate is a stressful event, however a home inspection can relieve a certain amount of the strain.


Reason #4


You can get a short-term warranty with some home inspections.  You will need to ask your home inspector about the short-term home inspection warranty.  Home inspectors will sometimes provide them and they can be a valuable protection for you investment.


Reason #5


You might ask your Realtor about free services to help you by giving you tips on home maintenance, renovation planning tools, home guides.  These services will help you be more comfortable and help you maintain the value of your home.

So, before you buy a new home in Yonkers have a home inspection done on the home to minimize your concerns regarding the conditions of the home.  Here you have several reasons to have a home inspection done on the home you are about to buy.


If you are thinking about selling your home in Yonkers, you will want to have a home inspection done on your home to help you maximize the value of your home.  You will learn of needed repairs to be made before you sign a contract.  You will also learn of up and coming problems.  You might even get tips on how to prevent those small problems from turning into large problems. A home inspection can be a benefit to the seller as well as the buyer of the home.





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