Nassau County Home Inspection, Before or After I List With A Realtor

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Nassau County Home Inspection, Before or After I List With A Realtor


Living in Nassau County there are many benefits to having a home inspected prior to listing the home with a realtor.  In many cases the buyer will have his or her own home inspection done.  It is better to know what they will find out before they do. 


Having a pre-listing home inspection will also give you the opportunity to see your home through the critical eyes of a buyers Inspector.  It will also help you price your home realistically.  By pricing your home too high, you can price yourself out of a sale.  By pricing the home too low some prospective buyers may avoid it while wondering what is wrong with the home for it to be priced so low. It gives you time to make necessary repairs in advance, because you don't want the flaws to become a negotiating obstacle.  You will be able to have the repairs done at your own pace rather than rushing to have the repairs done so the sale will go through.


It will also make you aware of any water damage, which may have occurred while you owned the home or before you moved, that you are unaware of.  You will want plenty of time to correct this problem before you begin showing the home to prospective buyers and their inspectors. Many of the homes in Nassau County are older, you will want the extra time to have repairs done to ensure that they are done correctly. It will alert you to any immediate problems, which could turn into safety issues, before visitors come to your home.


You won't have to wait for the Use and Occupancy permit. The buyer may not have his or her own home inspection done. It could reduce the buyer's concerns and suspicions about the condition of your home. In your disclosure statement it will reduce your liability with the professional documentation the home inspector provided.


In the Nassau County area and in the area you live, there are qualified home inspectors who are willing and have the ability to inspect your home prior to being listed with a realtor.  You will be able to ask for the maximum amount your home is worth with no reservations because your home will be in the best possible condition. 


When you consider these points as the seller, you will be able to see the benefits of having your home inspected by a professional.  The popularity of this practice is becoming apparent as more and more people have their home inspection done prior to listing it with a realtor.  They have learned how it will help avoid the problems, which can kill a deal with unexpected news just before the sale goes through.  You will see it rapidly increase in popularity as the real estate market feels the positive effect of this trend.  If you are considering selling your home and you want the sale to go faster, you might consider the benefits of having your home inspection done first.



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