Sagamore Hill - Home of Teddy Roosevelt

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As we celebrate Presidents' Day today, I thought of writing something about the home of one of our famous presidents.  Sagamore Hill is the home of Teddy Roosevelt located in Cove Neck, just few miles from the village of Oyster Bay.  Sagamore is a title of the head of an Indian tribe.  I am proud to be living in the same town where Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President called home from 1886 until his death on January 6, 1919.  He and his second wife raised six children in the house.  During his presidency from 1902 to 1908, Sagamore Hill was his Summer White House. 

As a young man of 22, Teddy Roosevelt purchased 155 acres of land on Cove Neck for $30,000.  In 1884, he hired Lamb & Rich, a New York architectural firm to build a Queen Anne home.  Sagamore Hill was finished at a cost of $16,975.  Imagine that!  Nowadays, $46,975 will only buy you a new kitchen if you are lucky.

Now, Sagamore Hill is administered by the National Park Service and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  There are guided tours of the home and plans are underway for Teddy Roosevelt's 150th birthday celebration.

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