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fannie mae to bring up the conforming limit ???

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Now what? Frankly, analysts feel that enactment is possible by mid-February but looks more likely by early March. No large investors will make any policy changes or announcements until the issues are less confusing, or even voted into law. Apparently, the bill would temporarily increase the limit on mortgages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may securitize from $417k to up to $730k. In addition, the bill would increase the limit on loans the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) may insure from $362k to $625k. This should help to reduce spreads in the jumbo mortgage market! One estimate mentioned that as many as $400-500 billion in loans could qualify for refinancing. As these loans refinance, it could ease pressure on capital-constrained bank balance sheets. And "temporary" items like this are difficult to rescind after a year, which would also be good news for originators.