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Well, once again I am taken aback by the various phone calls I receive from having my name posted in alot of the mobile signing registries.  It is amazing how well the system works.

I received a phone call today from a woman in Houston, TX who asked me if I could conduct a "Site Review" for a new medical clinic opening up in Laughlin, NV.  This company searches the mobile notary registration sites to secure notaries who may be interested in doing this type of work.  It seems pretty straight up, you meet with the clinic, fill out a questionaire, tour the clinic and then fax you paperwork into the parent company.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BE A NOTARY.  From what I understand, this is a site inspection which needs to be conducted for insurance purposes.  It does not seem to be an extremely lucrative side business, but I would suppose if you live in a larger metropolitan area, you may be able to do several a day. 

Are there any notaries out here who have be approached to do this type of work?  Please let me hear from you.

Make it a great day!

Rae McKinney, CNSA, National Notary Association



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