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Sales Managers (Brokers) are Agents too...

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I know a few salespeople who were very successful, but became a disaster when they were promoted to sales manager. In their minds being a manager is an "offstage" position. All they think they need is to check on everybody, give their pep talks, motivate the team and pray for the best. Not so... Unless he/she is out there, as one of the team, selling, negotiating, fighting for a deal, they will lose their touch with reality and won't be of any help.

The reality is that our clientele, in general, is highly sophisticated and getting better every day. These clients - just like us - take advantage of tactics, which may present an obstacle to a close. Being out in the market helps the sales manager to create methods to overcome them. The most common tactics (or excuses) include:

Nibble - After deciding on the purchase, the buyer adds, "Oh, by the way, you can cut down your commission a little, right?"

Offended Soul - To minimize the pressure of the message, the client answers, "Oh my goodness, are you serious?"

Good Guy/Bad Guy - During the negotiation you hear "I think it is a really good product, but my partner (spouse, boss, etc) won't even hear of it."

Offer Withdrawn - The client is ok, and because of a small disagreement concludes  "This is ridiculous, forget the whole thing."

Immediate Deadline - An immediate deadline can put some "pressure". For instance, "If I don't get my home under contract soon, I'll have to sell on my own to get some profit at all"

Very few companies ask their managers to be salespeople as a sidekick job, or to go out with the sales force once in a while, but the ones that have done it know how wise it proved to be. The manager can discuss the frustrations of his/her workers because he/she has "been there, done that", literally. It can be of greater benefit to the group if he/she listens to the market, first hand, and know the changes, the demands and the opportunities out there.