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According to the court-approved agreement, Sears will notify nearly 4 million customers who may have bought stoves between July 2000 and September 2007 that they either can get anti-tip safety brackets installed for free or receive gift cards or reimbursements of up to $100 to qualifying customers.

I write this up all the time. I am amazed that the installers just don't follow the installation instructions. Many times on inspections, I will find the bracket still in its original packaging in a kitchen drawer. I hope that all the people affected opt for the free installation. A gift card won't save anyone from being hurt when the stove tips over. Anatol

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San Diego, CA

Here in earthquake territory, I rarely find the anti-tip device missing, even though one has little to do with the other. Everyone seems to be rather conscientious about installing it, even homeowners doing the installation themselves.

Nov 27, 2008 07:43 AM


Aug 01, 2020 03:29 AM