Property Taxes in Ashland

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Property Tax in Oregon does not increase because of a sale on a property.

Ballot Measure 47 was a 1996 initiative in the U.S. state of Oregon. It was approved, increasing the Oregon Constitution's limitations on property taxes on real estate, first imposed by Measure 5.

Measure 47 required that property taxes be no higher than 10% less than those imposed in the 1994-1995 tax year, or those imposed in the 1995-1996 tax year. Thereafter, property taxes increases were to be capped at 3% per year.

Property Tax

The amount of property tax levied in Ashland is one of the lowest tax levy amounts of any major city in Jackson County. Ashland's electric utility users tax helps keep property taxes low.

Ashland's fixed tax rate is $3.9747 /$1,000 ($1.7069 goes to the general fund, $0.1750 goes to the debt service fund, and $2.0928 goes to the Parks Department).

Ashland's fixed levy rate is $1.38/$1,000. This is the Youth Activities Levy, which supports the school district and was voter approved. This levy is in effect for three years.

Ashland's bonded debt is $0.2086/$1,000. This includes the Fire Station and flood restoration bonds which were voter approved and the 2005 refinancing of GO bonds.

Property taxes in Oregon can increase in one of two ways: An increase in the assessed value of taxable property, (limited to 3% per year) and/or a levy on the ballot that voter's approve. 

Of the property taxes Ashland residents pay, 43% of the total goes to the City of Ashland, 16% goes to Jackson County and 41% goes to education, which includes Ashland School District and Jackson County Educational Services District.


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