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Let's talk about CURB APPEAL.  We have heard about first impressions all our lives and it still applies to the sell of your home.    As a Realtor, I  look at and review numerous homes.  Buyers will generally give me their impressions where they wouldn't say a word to the owner. 

To get the maximum offer in the shortest period of time, you may need to spend a little money.  My mission is to aid you in the preparation of your home at a reasonable expense.  

The grass should always be freshly mowed.  This may require mowing every few days.  Your grass should be green.  You have seen grass that looks really great, that is what you want.  In the winter months, you may want to consider dying the grass.  Do your homework, some of the dye jobs look better than others.

All your bushes should be hand trimmed to look their best.  Do you need to add any plants?  Do you need to remove some of the plants?  Do you need to replace some of the plants?  Do they cover your windows?

Flowers add lots of charm to your home.  Purchase potted flowers and add to your landscape.  This can be done with a small hole to set the pot in and simply cover with mulch or pine straw.   A little color in the right places makes your home really charming at a minimal expense.

The driveway should be very clean and edged.  What about that garage door?  Does it need cleaning or painting?  Check around the framing for bad wood or gaps that may need caulking and touch up painting. 

Let's take a look at your roof.  Does it need cleaning?  Do the gutters need cleaning or painting?

Do you have trees in your yard?  Do you need to cut any of the lower limbs or dead limbs?

The main entrance to your home should be clean or freshly painted.  Does that door mat need replacing?  Do you need to repair the door bell or replace with a new one?  Don't overlook the light fixture at your entrance as it should be clean and working.  Now that you have barrowed the power wash machine from your brother-in-law, you can power wash the front.

The fence that can be seen from the street should be in excellent shape.  Wood fencing can be cleaned to look like new.  Check with the local hardware store.  Power wash can improve the look of wood fencing and decks drastically.   

Let's talk about windows.  They should be clean inside and out.  Most shutters can stand a fresh coat of paint.  The curtains and blinds should be neat, clean and even.

All exterior siding should be clean and fresh in appearance.

At present we are in a buyers' market.  The appearance of your home will make a difference when the buyers compare homes on the market.  I can't say enough about the driveby appearance.  Buyers prefer to drive by homes for sale to check out the house and the neighborhood.  You may need to beat the kids and dogs on a regular basis to keep their toys picked up.

Good luck with the sell of your home.

I will be adding more information on home preperation to this blog, so you will want to visit again.

Please let me know if I can be of any service as I will list your home at a fair cost or help you find that new one.


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May 14, 2008 12:37 PM

Hello Wildone,

In most cases, homeowners do have a lot of stuff.  This is great for raising a family or just enjoying your home.  However, when it comes to selling, you want your home to be neat and orderly.  If you think you have too much furniture then it is very likely that you do.  If you want to sell your home in a timely manner and for a fair market price, you will need to place some of your belongings in storage.  I will be posting more information  on staging your home in the near future.  Please keep in mind that you have a lot of competition and do the best job you can to make your home stand above that competition.

Let me know if I can be of any service.


May 15, 2008 03:49 PM