The joys of remodeling!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs

My house is no longer my home - it's a construction zone!  On the first day of remodeling they broke up the ugly white ceramic tile in my hallway and hauled it away.  What a mess - I couldn't see my husband or daughter for the grey dust cloud that hovered over everything.  For the next few days all our food tasted of dust and you will not believe how far the dust can spread, insinuating its way into bathroom sinks and counters that are miles away (slight exaggeration) from the work area.  The good news is that there is no point in cleaning anything until the dust has well and truly settled so you have permission to be a total slob for days and days! 

If you're thinking of putting your house on the market in the spring then you need advice from a real estate professional immediately!  You need to know what improvements will lead to the highest return on investment and the fastest sale.  It takes so much longer to make changes to your home than you can imagine, I know I've been shocked at how slow the process is.  Buyers have so much choice and you have so much competition, especially from new construction that you need an edge.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can put your home on the market and then make the changes - it doesn't work that way.  You'll just prolong your agony and probably end up take a lower offer, just to stop the pain!  The Plano, Texas market is less affected by the meltdown in the mortgage market than most areas of the country; we're so fortunate that our homes can still sell in a reasonable time and for a good price, but only if they're what the buyers want.

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