Florida Is A Buyers Market Ideal For Canadian Investors!

Mortgage and Lending with Napoleon Mortgage

If you are a foreign buyer interested in real estate, then it could make a lot of sense to look into making a purchase in Florida right now! Due to the increased value of the Canadian dollar, you have tremendous buying power compared to earlier years. Not only are Florida home prices down significantly, but your foreign buying power is up significantly. This creates an ideal situation for any Canadian buyers looking to purchase a 2nd home or investment property in Florida.

Mortgage rates are still favorable for investor & 2nd home loan programs. Most banks are willing to lend up to 70% of the purchase price on a foreign national program. See below for a list of common bank requirements:  

-US credit not required

-Full Income & Stated Income programs available

-Fixed & ARM products available

-Bank Credit Letter from country of origin accepted

-Single Family & 2-4 Unit Multi Family programs


For more information, or to get pre-approved please contact:

Jeff Rash

Napoleon Financial Group


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