Spring Market Boom

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I don't know if I would call it a Boom, maybe a nice pop. 

Here in Grand Rapids, MI we seemed to be having an early start to our "spring market".  The first part of the new year was fairly mild, in regards to weather.  However, this is Michigan, furthermore, it is West Michigan.  The lake effect snow, the winter southern storms and COLD temps seem to be cooling the market off every time we start to see a little heat/activity.

I believe, that we may see a decent market this spring.  With interest rates still low and a bloated inventory, buyer are starting to wake up.  The thing we need right now is for Old Man Winter to fall asleep for the year or at lease, lighten up quite a bit.

I equate the buyers pent up feelings, to walking into you favorite store with a hundred dollars in your front pocket.  Eventually that hundred dollars will burn a hole in your pocket.  The differance is, the hundred dollars my be a decent credit score and a lender approval and the favorite store would be an overstocked market and everything is on sale.  Mix in the desire for a slice of the dream of home owner ship.  Sounds a little like the perfect storm.  After the thaw, of course.  To bad you can't buy springtime on-line!

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Apr 06, 2016 12:03 PM