Buyers are out there, but they want deals

Real Estate Sales Representative with RE/MAX Prestige Realty

I have been out 5 out of the last 7 days with serious buyers.  They are all preapproved and understand that there is a tremendous opportunity right now to get deals.  Of course we always seek out the best homes for the best prices.  I am starting to see why the lowest priced homes are moving and the other 95% plus that are overpriced just sit with no activity.  Buyers that are serious hunt for that perfect deal and in many cases there are bidding wars on the correctly priced homes while other overpriced homes don't even exist because buyers don't want to waste their time.  I have become more assertive with my sellers because I know what the point of view of the buyer is because most of my deals in the last 8 months have been with buyers.  I suggest to any Realtor that you focus on finding serious buyers to work with and serious motivated sellers, stop wasting your time getting frustrated with listings that you know from the second you put the sign in the yard won't even appraise.  This is a time for serious sellers and buyers not the tire kickers if we want to be successful in 2008!

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