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While surfing around on AR I have noted blogs and comments about our safety while visiting a potential job site or, just plainly Staging. 

I have made it my practice not to  meet at locations (unaccompanied) where I would be placing myself in danger.  

Wanted to share this wonderful tool with my fellow Stagers and Realtors. Please use if before your next appointment!

Hope this helps.

Happy Staging!


There is also another great site:




Elaine Manes Gage
Home Staging Online Services - Denver, CO
Staging done ONLINE!

Gina- We definitely cannot be too careful these days! I tried the first site because I have an appointment today with someone I never met. According to that one, there are two felons living on the golf course nearby! Strange. I'm tempted to check out my own neighborhood, but my neighbors freak me out enough already! ;)

Feb 22, 2008 04:08 AM
Gina Metzger
Spaces Refined Inc. - Lake Zurich, IL

Agree Elaine! I just entered my late afternoon appointment. As well as this weekend. What would happen if you had a direct hit?! Not a paranoid person at all. But this does make you think in depth.

Feb 22, 2008 04:17 AM
Natascha de la Court-Wolter
Ferndale, WA

Wow....I have an 18 yr old convicted of attempted murder in the 2nd degree a few doors down.....yikes!!!

Feb 22, 2008 04:22 AM
Brian Bloom
www.AllinOneStaging.com 1-630-292-2710 - Bartlett, IL
All in One Staging Inc. - Home Staging Consultant, Redesign Expert

Great post Gina....

This is getting bookmarked! 

Thank you

Brian Bloom 

Feb 22, 2008 05:18 AM
Sandra Hughes
Redesigned Spaces - Northern Virginia - Fairfax, VA
Redesigned Spaces - Fairfax County, Virginia
Gina - this is really cool.  I put a short cut on my desk top so I can check it out before going out on job.  Luckily, I did not have anyone in my neighborhood. 
Feb 22, 2008 06:03 AM
Kathy Passarette
Creative Home Expressions - Mount Sinai, NY
L.I. Staging/Decorating
Gina ~ Thanks for the sites.  I have added them to my Favorites.
Feb 22, 2008 06:04 AM