Furnace Check and Why?

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There are two major reasons, Safety and Efficiency.

Having your furnace annually serviced is one way to help extend its life. When your furnace reaches 10-12 years, it is strongly recommended that you hire a licensed HVAC (Heating Ventilation-Air Conditioning) company to perform a heat exchanger inspection. This test should be performed annually from this point forward until the furnace is replaced. Why? Just as a piece of metal is bent over and over again eventually fatigues and breaks, a similar force is being exerted on your furnace's heat exchanger. During operation, the thin metal of the heat exchanger is being heated to high temperatures (sometimes over 175 degrees Fahrenheit) and cooled down to room temperature (70 degrees F). Each time, the metal expands as it warms up and contracts as it cools. Eventually, the metal fails and a crack is formed. A crack will always develop in a heat exchanger. How soon depends on the conditions it has been subjected to over its lifetime.         

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Doug Gialluca
Smart Move Home Inspection LLC - Canton, OH
Licensed Home Inspector along with Radon and Pest

I am glad I could help. The savings that you may receive from installing a higher efficiency furnace could recover your money in a short amount of time, considering the possibility of fuel prices going up and not coming back down. If you would figure out the difference in efficiency between your old and new furnace you may see a return that is quite pleasing. There of course is the other priceless condition of monoxide exposure that is beyond savings..Thanks Doug

Nov 03, 2008 10:44 AM