We take things for granted.....but a life event can be life altering

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I am an extremely high energy fast moving person.  My personal friends and Real Estate friends have always said they only wish they had half the energy I do.  I'm a person that does not require a lot of sleep and it doesn't faze me to work a great deal since that's what makes me smile.  I was an I/T professional at Aetna in Hartford, CT for 22 years and achieved great things and climbed the Corporate ladder.  I decided at the end of 2002 to leave Corporate america and become a Real Estate Agent.  My Real Estate business took off from day one and it's been great fun and extremely rewarding.....I couldn't be happier!!!!  On Tuesday, January 22, 2008 there was an unfortunate event that has derailed me for the moment.  I had made arrangements for a non-profit organization to come and pick up a piece of furniture at a clients condo.  In a split second that very piece of furniture came crashing down off a high box truck and landed on my right foot.....I never saw it coming!!!!  I was taken by ambulance to the hospital where I was told after an X-Ray, there are no breaks stay off of the foot for 3-5 days and you'll be fine.  A couple of days later I was back to the hospital because the right leg from the knee down and foot went cold.  A CAT scan uncovered two blood clots in the right leg.  I spent 3 days in the hospital on blood thinners and went home with a precription for 6 months of blood thinner treatment.  Within 2 hours of being released from the hospital the leg and foot again went cold and back to the hospital.  This time an angiogram uncovered a crushed artery in the foot that is crushed beyond repair.....WOW.  I spent another 5 days in the hospital and was again released on a 6 month blood thinner plan.  Talk about life altering.....no one at this point can give a prognosis as to how well I'll walk again, when or if full circulation will return with the help of new collateral arteries developing and what permanent damage will remain.  This once energized bunny is now moving quite slowly and looking at each day with a different perspective.  I will never take good health for granted again.

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Kim Sellers
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Thank you for sharing this.  You never know what could happen in our futures and each day we breath, laugh, cry and share life is one precious moment that we might not have tomorrow.  I hope you will have a full recovery some day and I wish you all the best.


Kim Kelley

Feb 23, 2008 01:35 AM
Suzanne Sands
Pavao Real Estate - Somerset, MA
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Hi Lisa,

OMG! You have been through so much, how sad that you are going through this. I wish you the best of luck and please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Feb 23, 2008 01:40 AM
Ruth Ann Mertens-Oklahoma City Real Estate
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This certainly reminds us that nothing is given, that our lives can change dramatically in an instant!  So sorry this happened to you!  Attitude and motivation mean so much for recovery, and I can tell you are the kind of person who has a positive attitude and a strong drive.  These will stand you in good stead as you recover.  We will be sending our good thoughts your way!

Feb 23, 2008 01:44 AM
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I too am a high energy person, and when I get sick I fell guilty, because I think I have so much to do. I had food poisioning and was in bed for nearly a week, my cell phone still by my side and still taking care of business.

I pray you have a complete recovery.  We never know what will happen next, my husband had a liver transplant in 1996, so we have been through alot.  One thing I have learned, God is always there.

Feb 23, 2008 01:57 AM
Charlie Ragonesi
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We are all renters . Only the Landlord knows when the lease is up. So make every day a good day. Thanks for the post
Feb 23, 2008 02:11 AM
Lisa Barall-Matt
RE/MAX Premier, REALTORS - West Hartford, CT
Thank you everyone for your comments.  This was an eye opener for me and taught me a life lesson...stop and smell the roses, live each day to the fullest and never and I mean never take things for granted.  There are boundaries that we all need to set for ourselves, time must be carved out for family and for ourselves.  Our clients will not like us any less because we're not "on call 7/24".
Feb 23, 2008 03:16 AM
Karyl Rees

Hi Lisa,

 I was wondering what your prognosis is at this point?  I have a young friend who crushed arteries in his right foot and is seeing a specialist right now, as I type.  I wanted to do some research on the internet but there is little that I can understand without knowing the medical terms.  And, I came upon your blog.  So, if you have time, I would like to know how you are doing?  Thanks, and take care.  I read all of your other comments... people are very kind. 

Apr 24, 2008 09:53 AM
Ruth Ann Mertens-Oklahoma City Real Estate
Paradigm AdvantEdge Realty - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi Lisa,

Checking in to see how you are doing.  Hope your recovery has gone well.

Apr 25, 2008 12:50 AM
Hi, Thanks for the follow-up notes asking about how I'm progressing.....it's so kind.  The progress has been slow but with the help of physical therapy 3 times a week and foot exercises each day I've gotten back quite a bit of my mobility.  I still cannot walk for any long periods of time without being quite uncomfortable but I am now, for the most part, walking without a limp.  The limp does return when the foot has had too much use and a good nights rest helps rejuvenate for a new day.  I had my first flight since the accident last week and the foot blew up like a balloon....not fun.  I guess with the compromised circulation this type of thing will happen.  Karyl, make sure your friend does physical therapy.  My vascular surgeon did not recommend it but my orthopedic surgeon overruled and it was the best thing I did for myself.  I stay totally optomistic and pray that things will continue to improve and although it's an unknown I will continue to do whatever I can to improve!!!  As I say....It's a good life, Lisa
Apr 27, 2008 08:25 AM
Mirela Monte
Buyers' Choice Realty - North Myrtle Beach, SC
Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Lisa, what an ordeal!  Wow!  It's incredible.  This is why I don't trust the medical establishment.  How many visits does it take for one of the doctors to figure out just what's wrong?  How did their diagnosis mistakes impact the overall picture?  Unbelievable!

I am a firm believer in holistic healing.  I even gave birth at home to both of my children (yes, I am that afraid of doctors!!!).  May I suggest that you do some holistic healing research.  The best book I could reccommend is "Prescriptions for Natural Healing" by Balch.  It's a good start. 

By the way taking vitamin E in 400 IU, then 800 IU doses should help keep the blood thin, and you might wean yourself off the blood thinners that way.  Make sure you take the natural vitamin E, not the synthetic (it should say D-Alpha Toccopherol, NOT DL-Alpha Toccopherol, the "D" instead of the "DL").

Make it your goal to run a 5K race by this time next year.  Keep us posted! 



May 01, 2008 03:49 PM