Block Island, Washington County, Rhode Island

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Block Island  is one of the most beautiful cities/islands in Rhode IslandBlock Island, RI is one of the most glamorous and clean cities that I Know.  Many if my clients either live here or do business here.  This area attracts many high-class individuals as well as many businessmen and women.  I have for years recommended clients of mine to this wonderful area.   


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Bonnie Barbieri
Remax Marketing Specialists - Spring Hill, FL
Wow - Pasadena has changed since I have lived in Houston.  Pasadena is the life blood of Texas because of the refineries in the area - there and Deer Park.  I never considered it beautiful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I am from Dallas and lived in Houston, which I consider my home, for 20+ years.  I love Houston and I love Dallas.  Dallas reminds me a lot of Atlanta - rolling and green.  I'm sure the area is doing well because of the refineries.  I applaud you your loyalty for the area and the fact you are able to see the beauty and pass the message along. 
Feb 23, 2008 02:02 PM