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Harahan, La Mississippi River Levee, recreational area

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 What makes your neighborhood a little different than most. The town of Harahan, La where I live is unique in that we Have the Mississippi River Levee and batture as an area of recreation as well as a flood control project. These were taken today and the water is low as it generally is this tiime of year. When the river is really high it is up to the bottom of the trees on the right. Its a grat place to roller blade, ride bikes, walk or jog. The path extends about 25 miles from Audubon Park in New Orleans to St. Charles Parish upriver. Got a nice photo of a runner about sunset from river road which runs along the Mississippi River off and on to Baton Rouge. Also got a photo of the local elementry school which is also unique. I have no idea who decided to plant the palm trees.Of course these are things you will see no where else but I will make them part of my Harahan Neighborhood Page on my New Orleans website. Another angle of a small town in South Louisiana.