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 pinecrest real estate Pinecrest forms one of quieter and tranquil corners in the state of Florida. Besides it can be considered as one of the newest entrants in list of cities in America as it was incorporated a decade back in 1996. In fact the quiet nature of this area has led to its seal bearing "village" as part of name of this place. And the fact that this place is governed by a Village Council comprising of five members and all matters of this place are by this group of members who constitute a government fashioned after form of Council Manager.

As such, origins of Pinecrest can be credited to Parrot Jungle and Gardens, which came up in 1936, which was founded by Louise and Franz Scherr. It was their dream of creating an area where birds could fly about freely in a manner chosen by birds themselves led to this park being founded. And building of this park, which became a very important tourist attraction right from its inception, brought about first a flurry of development in this place, which was till then just another sleepy little hamlet. As large numbers of tourists came to visit this park, infrastructure of this place developed gradually. Speaking in geographical terms, Village of Pinecrest is one of the smallest incorporated areas in America. It barely covers an area of about eight square miles. But despite its size, after inception of Parrot Park, which has since then been bought over and revamped, relocated and renamed as Parrot Jungle Island, this place has seen a steady spurt in population. The original park which played host to many birds has been shifted to a new location near waterfront of this place.

When the last census took place in 2000, population of this quaint place was almost touching the twenty thousand mark. This gives this place an incredible population density of almost two thousand six hundred people per square mile. This shows that this city has risen a lot in importance in America. And approximately twenty thousand people who were found to be residents of this place are further divided into almost six and a half thousand households. Median income of each of the above mentioned household hovers around hundred and ten thousand dollar mark. Education is given much priority in this state. This is evident from the fact that there a number of top notch high quality schools in this area.

As a result of excellent infrastructure that is to be found in this area, more and more people are targeting this place as a city or town of permanent residence. As it is due to holistic combination of several factors, which includes the general upswing observed in real estate market, prices of homes in this region has crept up to almost two million dollars per home. And besides not too many of this homes are empty and available in the market. So do not ignore Pinecrest as just another young and small town if you are using your radar to scan out all options in matters of real estate. It just might be the changing point of your life.

Pinecrest Real Estate is elegant and upscale. Right now there are over 200 properties for sale in Pinecrest. Upscale communities are Village Grove, Suniland Estates, Pine Tree Estates, Fairmont Acres to name a few.  Prices have risen dramatically in the recent boom years but have been leveling off in this buyer's market.  Pinecrest Real Estate still offers a tremendous opportunity.

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