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I saw a statement on the web this morning that made me a wee bit angry.  It read, Existing Home Sales Hits 9yr. Low. This statement is an eye catcher for sure and I wonder if it was just used to get attention.  If you look at that statement, you will find very little fact in it.  First off, which 9 years are being compared and secondly, what part of the world are they talking about?  Most likely the US, but what if they are talking about a part of the country that is having different circumstances than the rest of the US.  In fact, what if you found out that the statement was referring to New Orleans, Louisiana?  You probably wouldn't think twice as you know the just got hit with a major hurricane in the past 2 years.  So here lies the problem with these reports from various outlets.  They are too vague and are used to just sell paper, get you to watch their newscast or go to their website.  They are general statements played on the emotions of all of us.  I just hope that when someone needs information about real estate that they seek out a professional in the field and ask them questions rather than rely on a report that gives general information.  As a Realtor I pride myself in the education of my clients. They know that they can come to me at anytime with questions and I will do my best to get the answer.  I hope the next time you have questions about real estate that you seek out a professional in the industry and don't just read the newspaper, the web or watch the TV.  Enjoy your day.





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