The Media and our Market

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In my opinion the media has a huge impact on our market. They love to sensationalize. When the market was hot they made it hotter and with the slow down they freaked everyone out and helped the slow down. As all of this became old news and the Media moved on to juicer stories we are heading back to a balanced market. I know that the news varies from area to area. What is the Media saying about your area?

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Alix Pinzon
Open Mortgage, LLC NMLS # 2975 - Downey, CA
I think that the media plays a major role in convincing people to buy, sell or stay on the side line.  A similar situation with the media was the California wildfires, whereas the media was flaunting the danger of the winds (Santa Ana's) the prior day or two before the fires were set.  Terms like "high fire danger" and "red flag warning."  There are other ways to distribute the warnings to those who show know about them.  Back to their effects on real estate, their should be a rule where the economy is concerned, "if you have nothing positive to say, keep you mouth shut."  Great blog.
Nov 14, 2007 05:05 PM