New Orleans Real Estate - Buyer's Market?

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New Orleans Real Estate - Buyer’s Market?

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Everyone wants to buy at the bottom of the market. “Buy low, sell high!” The problem is that you won’t know when the bottom hits until you pass it! Take a look at the graph to the left…That dotted vertical line in the middle of the trough is the exact bottom. As you can see, after the bottom the market goes up! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to buy New Orleans real estate! The time is now!

At some point, we will hit the bottom and all of these great deals would have past you by. Interest rates are low, your choices are aplenty, and insurance prices may be coming down. Take a second to consider that there have been countless renovations to New Orleans real estate since Katrina, there has never been a time when properties have been in better overall condition. Granite counter tops, new cabinets, new electrical and plumbing, new bathrooms, new kitchens, new stainless appliances, and sellers are willing to deal. The time is now! French Quarter condos, Uptown Victorians, Warehouse District condos, Lakeview lots, any type of New Orleans real estate…there are plenty of deals out there.

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This New Orleans real estate post was provided by Darryl Glade, Realtor with RE/MAX N.O. Properties. Darryl can be reached at or by phone at 504.451.8960. Darryl’s office is conveniently located in Uptown New Orleans at 8001 Maple Street. Darryl works throughout the Greater New Orleans area including Uptown, Lakeview, Broadmoor, Mid-City, Metairie, Kenner, Westbank, French Quarter, and the Warehouse District.

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