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Are you looking for a magic pill to cure your financial woes?          The average family is one paycheck away from disaster and has over $8,000 in credit card debt. Are you one in this boat?  You must know that, becoming your own bank system is not a magic pill to get you out of the debt woes. The good news is, Dave can help you.  He knows how to work with people to get them to a point of paying off all debt and saving in the right way so you do not lose everything you have.

  If you're looking for a get-rich-quick product then you'll have to keep searching. What Dave Cheatham teaches is a process to turn the tables on the traditional financial institutions. Conventional financial planning would dictate that in order to build wealth you need to:

  1. Achieve higher rates of return
  2. Spend less on your current lifestyle to save more and
  3. Maximize your contribution to your company's qualified retirement plan

The first question that most financial advisors will ask you is “how much money do you currently have?" The next question is usually, “where is it?" Once they know where your money is they will usually start telling you about how their products are better. Very few advisors will spend time talking with you about the money transfer problems that erode your wealth. After all, it's much easier to sell someone a product and go on your way because anything more than that takes more time and energy. A person that hands you a 50 page outline of what you should do can only give you hypothetical's.  You need a person that will walk you through how to pay off all your debt and have $50.000 plus in tax free income at retirement while being able to get to the money if an emergency comes up with out paying taxes.

  To illustrate the point that products are not as important as the process let us assume that we're going to send you to play tennis at the Wimbledon tournament, one of the best know tennis tournaments of all time. Now we have two things to offer you but you can choose only one. You can have the tennis gear of any one great tennis players who's ever played the game or who can have their ability. Which one would you choose? Of course you would want their ability, or swing. This is what we're teaching people with the Your Own Banking SystemUnnecessary wealth transfers are the fundamental problem. The process that we teach solves this problem and eliminates the staggering cost of financing. Learn how to use financing as a tool!

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Dave Cheatham

Financial consultant


PS. If you want to learn how You can pay off all your debts in 1/3 of the time, and have over $50,000 dollars tax free income every year in retirement call or email Dave.


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