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I've been asked after losing 61 pounds 50 of those pounds in just 2 months how I did it. Well 7 years ago I started the "SEE food diet" where I just ate and ate whatever I wanted and of course chose all the wrong foods and just stopped excercising. Before that I was in shape and was considering shows BUT then I just lost interest, stop caring, and had 7 years of not caring. This being said, I just got FED up, I was in a 44 waist, shirts I thought were shrinking on me and I would blame my wife, BUT it wasn't the shirts in was my stomach getting bigger. Dress shirts and closthes PERIOD weren't fitting, and  I said enough is enough.  Anyway, that's the back ground, today I need to lose another 15 pounds but the BULK of it is gone. So here is my rountine and IF you do this for 12 weeks, I promise you, that you will LOOK and feel totally different. Just commit.

Anyway, my diet is what you should all read by Bill Philipps "Body for Life" first. In a nutshell, I eat 6 meals a day, 6 small meals, each meal would consists of a protien, carb, and 2 of the 6 meals would add a Veg to the plate. Each portion is the size of my fist and would eat every 2-3 hours. I would GET up in the morning first thing get dressed on a empty stomach and work out...

Work out Rountine: Every morning first thing, get dressed, go to gym. Mon/Wed/Fri was with weights for a maximum of 45 mins. Tues/Thurs/Sat are cardio days 30 mins. Sunday was FREE DAY, day off and eat all the junk I wanted. Mon-Saturday was excercising and eating normal. Here was my routine

Monday/Friday Upper Body. 1 excercise per body part. Reps 12/10/8/6/12 increasing the weight each rep and then 12 reps after the 6 reps using wieght I used for 10 reps just doing it this 12 times instead of 10. I would then not even rest do another 12 reps with the same body part do another excercise for that same body part right after my last set of 12 but with a much lower weight.  Then wait 2 minutes and go to another body part and do the same thing

Weds Lower body: Legs following the same routine.

Tues/Thurs/Sat 30 minutes of cardio but increasing the speed by 1 every minute till I got to 5 Minutes, then I would bring it down to 1 again and keep increasing it.

Every 3 weeks swtich up the cardio, and differnt weight excercises.

This ALL may sound confusing so I highly reccomend reading Body for Life but it does work. Just like anything in life vision it and then go after it. This is an awesome model to follow, you just have to want it. Best of luck, John

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Deanna Casalino
Realty World J. Pavich R.E. - Estero, FL
Fort Myers Florida Homes,
Is the picture before or after the weight loss? Good job anyway!!!
Feb 26, 2008 08:32 AM
John Disque
RealtyUSA - Syracuse, NY
"Buy or List with Disque"
This pic is fairly recent. Since then I have lost 10 more pounds. :-)
Feb 26, 2008 08:43 AM