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You know in the last month I have found MORE about my sellers and buyers after going through camp 443 then I have in the last 4 years. I simply didn't dig deeper and ask the questions I should have from the beginning, and then would get all these bombs dropped on me at once. All I could think about is WHY didn't you tell me this before and I should have known before spinning my wheels.

Anyway, I think no matter what stage your at in your career we should all brush up by taken 443. If your not a KW agent just dig deeper when asking questions. If you are great BUT I was just scratching the surface when I talked to my buyers and sellers and was anxious to show them what I thought they wanted to SEE. We eventually found what they were looking for BUT it took much longer because I wasn't asking the right questions and they weren't telling me specifics.

 In closing when I ask WHY this important t you, I am not going to stop there, I am going to DIG deeper every question that gets answered till I get to the root of it. This is my promise to myself, and I think a lot of agents forget about this OR don't take the time. Trust me in the end it's worth it..... John

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Deborah Burns ~ Seattle Real Estate Agent
Realty Executives -BRIO - Seattle, WA

"Asking questions".  Yes, that is something I would like to improve.  Under the thinking of "courtesy" or "politeness" I sometimes refrain from asking more, probing, and digging deeper.

Feb 26, 2008 09:00 AM