Why do so many realtors fail to do their job?

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I wonder why so many realtors let their clients over price their property and put it on the market before it is ready??? I think this is unethical.  Everyday I see properties on the market that smell, are dirty, messy and overpriced.  What are these realtors thinking?  I think I know.  They think their clients are stupid but they want the listing and they figure once the client is dejected enough from having their property on the market and not getting any offers they will lower the price and the realtor will receive a commission.  The fact that the client has lost money with this approach is no skin off the realtor's nose.  No wonder realtors have a negative image.  No wonder clients often feel that their realtor  did nothing to earn their commission.  It is becauseit is true.  

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Keith Elliott Jr
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Ryan Vivo
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In any industry/profession people are in we will always see people not putting there best foot forward.  Also Welcome to the community
Feb 26, 2008 06:02 PM
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