Green's A-draggin'

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Well, so am I. Jenny Persha  was way ahead with her post about the green plans for recovery at Greensburg,Kansas.  REALITY SERIES ON GREEN BUILDING.   As I commented at Jenny's post, there is now coverage of the project in the Kansas City Business Journal with an article by Rob Roberts.

One of the issues with small communities such as Greensburg is needed changes in town/city building codes to include green practices and materials.  Greensburg has addressed some of this with a resolution that city-owned buildings meet the US Green Building Council's highest rating, LEED Platinum.  But there are communities where green building is delayed while town/city councils or aldermen boards recognize, consider and adopt green building materials within the building codes or adjust some consideration for green practices.  Some subdivision plans are 'violated' by the placement of solar or wind power systems which do not fit the appearance rules in the Homeowners plans.  In our area, local power cooperatives are planning incredible rate increases over the next few years which make alternatives more and more appealing.  But, communities, including towns, cities,or subdivisions, could help smooth the way for their citizens to make the most of tools that can end up GREENER and if equally expensive, at least under their control. 

All of it can be changed, but the changes take time.  Bravo for Greensburg and that community's efforts.  I hope it doesn't take tornados to wake other small communities up.  Real estate professionals and those connected with the real estate business can keep up with Greensburg progress at

Green's been a-draggin', but that is changing for the good.  We're a-draggin' Green forward day by day.

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Mary McGraw
GLREA - Rockford, MI
2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine!

Hi JudyAnn! ~ You sound a little depressed but you are keeping ahead of the curve! The key is getting the developers and attorneys drafting the deed restrictions to realize that there are good reasons to change. Many of the restrictions were put in years ago because of the unsightly ways, for instance, of unkempt clotheslines and motorhomes/boats/recreational vehicles sitting in drives.

Too many restrictive ordinances have been created because of a blind and blanketed approach. Years ago I had to deal with the school system because my son brought in a containter of soup. It was a "resealable" container which was not allowed. The original rule was put into affect because of liquor being poured into pop bottles. When I discussed a thermos being no more resealable than a tupperware container or ziploc bag I had the response that those were see through so they were acceptable. UGH! Someday I will blog about will be a very good example of POORLY drafted restrictive covenents! All the best to you!

Get involved!

Feb 27, 2008 12:19 PM
James Wexler - Scottsdale, AZ

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