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Lazy mountainI am working with someone looking for land on Lazy Mountain. I have a beautiful log home listed there, but no land.  Land is always hard to come by in that area.  Most of the folks who live there know a good thing and hold it tight.  I was searching last night on the Valley MLS system in the PA06 area and found only two active listings in the area.  These two parcels were listed by Cindy Ziegler, found here and here.

You will notice that she has a nice view photo and that there is some good detail on the listing about how to find the parcels.  I knew exactly where these parcels were from her description.

Since those were the only two active listings and my party was looking for a larger parcel I searched for expired and cancelled listings on the hopes that these owners may still want to sell.  There were a few listings there but the most recently expired listing caught my eye.  This was a 20 acre parcel listed for $890,000.  That is a pretty phenomenal price and I wondered which parcel it might be so I clicked on the detail.  The detail says that this 20 acre parcel is in Palmer, on map PA06 in fact, which puts it on Lazy Mountain.  It goes on to say that the high school area is Colony High and the elementary school is Fire Lake.  There were no detailed remarks at all about the parcel except that it said there were no utilities and no road access.  The tax number was listed, however, so I looked it up.  Turns out, this is a prime commercial property only a stone's throw from the Cottonwood Creek Mall in Wasilla and it actually sold and closed in April of 2006.  Apparently the licensee already had a buyer before the parcel was put into the MLS system so he didn't care about the details.  He further didn't close out the listing and let it run until it expired in Jan of 2007.

So, back to square one.  I got on the phone to some people I knew on Lazy Mountain.  They in turn gave me other numbers and I finally did turn up a 2 acre parcel that the out-of-state owners may sell, but it's not much different than the land Cindy Ziegler has listed.  I'm still on the hunt.  So far I think I have spent at least 10 hours looking for land for this couple I have only met on the internet. I really have no idea if I can find a suitable parcel, and if I do, whether the couple will even move here. 

Like I have told many prospective clients in the past when they ask me what I charge.  I don't charge anything, I work for free.  I only get paid if I help the client meet their real estate goal. 

If you know of anything on Lazy Mountain, help me out!  Drop me a note, or give me a call, (907) 232-7900. 

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