Double tappling

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Double tapping

Double tapping (also called double lugging) is one of the most common electrical deficiencies found within the main or sub electrical panels. This is a term referring when two wires are attached to a single fuse or breaker. Most fuses or breakers are not designed to accommodate this condition. This condition may overload a fuse or breaker causing a fire.

However, there are some breakers are designed to accommodate double taps.

Most homeowners are not aware that they might have this condition inside their electrical panel. You may be tempted to go down to the basement and pry off the electrical panel, but don’t! Just touching an electrical panel can be dangerous!

To be on the safe side and for safety, call a licensed electrician to evaluate further and repair as needed. He/she is more trained and experience in these matter

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Chris Frantz
EDU Real Estate Group - Indianapolis, IN

I have found this in my own home before.

This is something you need to be aware from.

Feb 27, 2008 07:56 AM