A Home Gym Can Save you Time and Money

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During the cold winter months, the simple act of motivating yourself to exercise can be as challenging as running a marathon. But in order to be beach ready by summer, you need to be active now.


Creating a home gym can be a big step in the right direction when it comes to keeping healthy and in shape. Whether your budget is big or small, you can build an effective and-believe it or not-enjoyable workout space at home. It all starts with the right equipment.


Get Your Heart Pumping

Unless you plan to walk or jog outside, you need to find a way to incorporate a cardiovascular routine at home. You can do this in several ways: buy some exercise videos, turn on some music and dance around, or invest in a cardiovascular machine such as a stationary bike, elliptical trainer, or treadmill. If you are going to splurge on a machine, do so wisely.

Cardio Machines

Gym-quality machines can be expensive. But you're not doing yourself a favor by purchasing a flimsy treadmill or bike. Your best bet is to research consumer reviews of several machines and then keep an eye out for a slightly used one.


Bells and Whistles

If you have the space, a 45-pound barbell with removable weights will allow you to perform a plethora of exercises for all body parts. An adjustable bench will only add to that list of exercises.


If you are short on space, a set of dumbbells can add a lot to your home gym. Start light-you'll be surprised how just a little resistance can boost squats, lunges, rows, and arm curls.


If you'd prefer, resistance bands are also a great way to add resistance training to your routine. The best part? They take up little to no room since you can stow them in a drawer when you're not using them.

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