Organizing your Garage

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Remember when garages were used as parking spaces? If you're like millions of other U.S. homeowners, that parking space has become a dumping ground for clothes that no longer fit but that you can't bear to part with, bikes that don't get ridden, underused garden equipment, and Holiday decorations.


If you'd like to reclaim your rightful parking space, or if you'd just like to reintroduce a little order to your storage area, here are some helpful hints:



The first step to an organized garage is to go through everything currently calling your parking spot home. Create categories:


1. What to keep,

2. What to donate or sell in a yard sale, and

3. What to throw away.


Once you know what you're keeping, decide if it needs to stay in the garage or if there is a more logical place for it in the house.

Clear the Way

Though the floor seems like the obvious place to store things, walls, backs of doors, and even the ceiling can provide alternatives that will help clear space. Wall-mounted organizers can employ hooks, baskets, and shelves to get stuff up and out of the way.


Sturdy ropes or steel shelving can create ceiling hangers for bikes, ladders, and lighter weight furniture.


Like with Like

Think logically. Are you storing garden hoses with drill bits? Does it make sense for potting soil to share space with motor oil?


Create stations for your stuff: gardening center near the garage door, a tool bench near the door to the house, old or seasonal clothes tucked away. Place the things you'll use most often in the most easily accessible spots; store the rest in bins or shelves that are clearly labeled.


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