20 Quick Listing Tips #3 - Brian Rodgers

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Q: What is the best method to move a seller from an unrealistic price to a realistic price?    
  • Be honest always
  • Let them make their decision based on facts
  • If there are no comps get a second opinion from an appraiser.
  • Pre-qualify them before you go out to try and get a feel for how much they want for the house.

Honesty is always the best policy. I use my cma, of sold homes in their area. I break it down, and fortunately we still use the per square foot of living area in one of the markets I work. 

I show them how I price a home and let them make the decision as to whether or not they want to sell. I base it completely on facts and it is in black and white. 

In the event it is a property without comps then I will talk to my appraiser to get a second opinion.

I make a decision as to what the price of the house will be, and then it really doesn't matter who much they think it's worth.

I am the expert and this is what I do for a living, I am very confident  in my ability to price a home.

Do I get every listing? No Do I want every listing? No 

I think a big problem a lot of us are faced with today is the increasing inflation and rise of property value. This puts people in a fantasy position.

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Amy Dawson, Vancouver, WA Realtor
Vancouver, WA
I agree that those are all important tips, Brian.  Good post!
Feb 27, 2008 03:32 PM
Johnny Huang
Pleasant Hill, CA
Insurance and Real Estate Broker

It's incredible that agents still take overpriced listings just to get the listing. I agree with these tips and hope all can learn from this.

Feb 27, 2008 03:43 PM