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Ok, be honest, you hear it on the news, you read it in the papers, it's everywhere . . . the real estate market is in the tank, the sky is falling. Houses in foreclosure, prices coming down, it just is not pretty.

But, what is the truth about the Portland Market which is the second best in the nation. Portland is hot, folks are moving here for many reasons, but mostly because it is thriving. Good jobs, fantastic lifestyle & affordable living, which includes homes. Our little city is flat out bucking the trends which is a consistent theme for Oregonians.

Yes, there is back news, but if you are a buyer it is time to jump for joy. Interest rates are excellent (unlike 1982 when I bought my first house at 16% interest), there are lots of choices and you don't have to have a spiffy resume, photos of the family (including a borrowed golden retriever) and stand on your head to get the house of your dreams. All you need is a tenacious Buyers Representative, like myself:)

Oh, you say that you want to make a good investment - buy low, sell high. Again, jump for joy. Prices have dropped, there are deals to be had and the truth of the matter is all the experts (we hear and see them in the media everyday) can't seem to get the "timing" thing down. The problem with trying to time any market is that most folks do not realize the bottom or the top have hit until after the market has changed directions. Yes, some people get lucky and hit it at the very bottom and very top - we all hear those stories.

However, most of us average investors or homeowners make our money the old fashioned way over the long term. Meanwhile, think about the real investment you are making when buying a home. An investment in your city & neighborhood, an investment in a secure lifestyle, perhaps an investment in your children & their education, an investment in your comfort, the list goes on and on. And while all these investments are paying off on a daily basis, you are simultaneously making a financial investment by building equity through regular monthly payments, tax advantages & over time prices that go up as we deplete our finite resource of land.

Don't let the doom & gloom of the media set your sail. Portland is a great place to live today and will be a great place to live tomorrow. So now is is the time to buy your little slice of Rose City heaven.

If you would like more information on any Portland neighborhoods, contact Linda Heinrichs at lindaheinrichs@equitygroup.com
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Kirk Williams
Private Venture Capital - Everett, WA
Portland, Seattle and Charlotte continue to see very modest increase in real estate values on an annualized basis as we blog today.
Feb 27, 2008 06:51 PM
Linda Heinrichs
ReMax Equity Group - Lake Oswego, OR
This is true, the good news for buyers is that prices have stopped rising and there are some deals out there, at least in the short term.  With all the Fed action, negative news and those folks that really do have to sell, the buyers are definitely getting deals. But as we all know, it will probably turn before we know it, as it is very difficult to time the bottom of any market.  In the end buying a home is a lot more then just the numbers (not to discount numbers) and Portland seems to have a lot of what folks are looking for in a great place to live.
Mar 13, 2008 09:30 AM