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(Yes, it is a repost of another blog, but pretty much is the same, except cities are somewhat changed to protect their identities)

It is rainy here today in Lakewood.  Real estate is far from most people's mind here.  We are so used to having sunshine that the news people usually break into regular programming just to say "Storm Watch 2007!"  It is actually kind of comical when they do that.  The road is a bit more slick and people still drive like madmen trying to get every advantage they can before slamming on the brakes and hopefully not cause an accident.

So I'm here trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to the website.  There are couple of different resources, some of which are free, others aren't.  Of course, there is always blogging.  Just get up and start putting together sentences for people to read.  Sometimes about real estate.  Other times about rain and other stuff.

There are plenty of other topics, of course, but since we are on Active Rain, it would be appropriate to talk about real estate.  The thing that is on my mind is what in the world is working for you right now?  As a buyer of real estate, what are you looking for?  As a seller of real estate, what kind of help and person are you looking for?  As a real estate professional, how are you finding the prospects and how are you standing out from the rest?

Yes, there are many questions and some of which I'm just starting to find answers for.  I am very hopeful for the outlook of real estate for 2007.  At least for myself.  It already seems that people have stood long on the fence and are seeing the benefits of lower pricing coupled with relatively low interest rates that they are back on the market.  Of course, we can say a bit the same went on last year.

Here in Lakewood, California, real estate is always the topic when I am around.  People are really interested in finding a bargain or diamond in the rough or something to help them with the mortgage.  We just all chug along and feel the warmth and bask in the sun while staying in the golden state, except for rainy days like today.

Tell me, what are you finding and what are you searching for?  How is it that we can all help each other and get to that coveted next level?

Until next time, here in Long Beach or Lakewood (since I'm there this afternoon) is Chun Liu with Team WOWWHEE.com and Keller Williams Coastal Properties real estate cold and almost wet (am inside typing of course!)

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