How to Stop Foreclosure

Mortgage and Lending with Samaritan Partners
Facing foreclosure? Needs immediate cash for your home equity? Then, Samaritan Partners is the solution to your problem! Samaritan Partners give options to homeowners having trouble with their property mortgages, with the Real Estate Leasing; Samaritan Partners will help you solve your problem. What is Real Estate leasing? Real Estate leasing is to rent and occupy a property, might it be a house, an apartment, condos, buildings, etc, for a definite period of time and for a certain amount of money as agreed between the lessee and the lesser. Business owners and home owners alike could avail of this real estate leasing. For some, real estate leasing is a better option for a business owner because there is a possibility that a thriving business in a local situation will be bought out a by a developer for a more considerable amount. Another situation is, if a business is thriving and in need of additional space. If a business owner owns that real estate property he would not be able to expand his business unless he transfers to another place. There are many advantages of real estate leasing. There are many reasons why a business owner prefers leasing, because leasing is more flexible in terms of expanding because if a business owner wants to expand then it’s easier to make other leasing terms than selling a building. Also, Just like any other products real estate selling often relies on timing, because sometimes the market is short of interested buyers in real estate properties. Another is that real estate business owners’ decision to sell their property is dependent on the needs of their business not with the real estate market. If a business owner is distracted in selling his property then the business would suffer. Another practical reason is if a building is owned by a business owner then he will also be responsible for maintaining that building rather than just focusing all his attention and energies for his business to grow and expand. With all this in mind, Samaritan Partners offer practical solution especially for the homeowners who prefer to have real estate leasing a solution to their financial and monetary problems. How then can Samaritan Partners’ Real Estate Leasing solve your problems? Simple, with the Lease Buy back/ Sale Lease back program. Unlike the typical Real Estate leasing, Sale Lease back program is wherein an owner of a certain property who is experiencing cash difficulties could sell his house then enters to an agreement with the buyer to lease it back on a long term basis to keep exclusive possession and use or we call lease buy back. With this program the previous owner would be then free of his financial worries and difficulties. Retirees and elderly homeowners could also benefit from this program; in fact this leasing program is the most optimistic, realistic option. If they need immediate cash they could consider selling their property and then lease it back so that they will get that much needed cash without the worries or hassles of finding another place to live. Lease Buy back program is where an owner sells a property on a cash basis and then immediately buys it back from the buyer through a long-term mortgage agreement to avoid foreclosure. The real estate leasing is advantageous especially for those who might relocate due to a job transfer or for a better opportunity in a greener pasture. Samaritan Partners is interested in investing not only with houses but with apartment, condos, town homes, raw lands and mobile homes with land attached. If you are interested on our Lease Buy back/ Sale Lease back program just send a request for offer form to Samaritan Partners’ then they will analyze your situation clearly and will make you an offer that will greatly benefit you.
Urle Andoy
Samaritan Partners - Sandberg, CA
A very useful information that we can apply to ourselves.
Feb 28, 2008 09:12 PM
Dennis Swartz
Full Circle Property Management - Columbus, OH
MBA, GRI...experience counts!
Might be advantageous to business people, but not so good for homeowners.
Feb 28, 2008 09:20 PM

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