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Well, it's been a long time since I've visited Active Rain, let alone my own blog.  I feel that when good information, which I am about to present here, can provide such insight and opportunity for optimism and true career growth potential to the folks who work in real estate, then it is an opportunity for me to blog right along and share this information and my optimism with all who will accept it for it's truisms and potential value to the real estate business and society in general.  You see, real estate is treated by most who work in it as an industry which can provide a well-being instead of a business that will provide for the financial independence and security most agents only dream about or wish they had.  Enter EXIT Realty Corp. International. I have been looking at this business model for months now, and after making what seems like over a hundred phone calls, reading every piece of literature printed about EXIT, and after visiting the many numbers of blogs about EXIT, did  I realize that every attempt to hole poke the fastest growing real estate company in history only resulted in more excitement and confidence about EXIT.  Ever try poking holes in a wooden bucket with a piece of spaggetti?  Everyone I have spoken with who are surrounded by EXIT are consumed by EXIT and are on a natural high.  I now was experiencing an increasing number of sleepless nights and I came to the progressive realization that this ship was about to sail and, if I was ever to get another good nights rest, I'd better get on board.  So I did!  I met with Jimmy and Sue Lyon, the regional owners of EXIT Mississippi, asked every question I could invent, and proceeded to sign a Letter of Intent to purchase a franchise in Tupelo.   Finally, I could get some rest!  WRONG.  I now have to go to bed with the TV on to drown out the EXIT noise in my head.  I still awaken several times a night with visions of TEAL dancing in my head.  I could go on for another hour or so, attempting to convey what is great about EXIT but I won't.  It is much easier for me to direct all those that may be interested in residual income, retirement income, death benefits, no desk fees, no royalties, exponential leads generation and much more, to visit .  After visiting this interactive site, I promise you some sleepness nights.  And if you really want to experience pure insomnia, introduce EXIT Realty to your spouse!  They'll say it's a no-brainer!!!


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  Randy Landis, Overseas Retirement Consultant.


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Drew May
Hi Randy,
My wife and I bought last year and converted Nov. 07. Yes, you hit it on the head. This is a great company and we love it! Let me know if I can ever help you and hope to see you at convention in Nashville. I've had the same sleepless nights and had to sell my wife on EXIT too:) Be sure to go to Toronto for your training as soon as you can, it's incredible.  I do see your profile still is Help-U-Sell so you have not converted yet? Thoughts on that model?  Your post is very well written and really inspiring and I just read it to my wife.  Would you mind if I use it on my EXIT Career page and share it with my potential recruits?   we wish you all the best and feel free to call my cell if I can help you navigate getting set up. All the best, Drew (& Christine) May   
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Mar 02, 2008 04:20 AM