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Although conducting buyer and seller seminars in your real estate business has been around a long time, it seems to have reappeared as a hot topic in the past year or so. Over at the BusyAgentPro Real Estate Marketing

community we discuss in detail the right way to conduct a real estate seminar. We also dispel a lot of the myths that are associated with conducting these in your real estate business. There is one key factor in the success of a real estate marketing seminar and it has nothing to do with the number of prospects that attend. Feel free to go over to BusyAgentPro and get further details. In the meantime, I thought I would post our general outline and checklist for planning a real estate marketing seminar in your local market, enjoy!

2 Months – Pre-Planning, develop outline, contact speakers and get commitments, schedule location

1 ½ months – Finish Outline, assign topics to speakers, develop PowerPoint

1 month – develop marketing strategy, write copy for ad.

20 days – place offer on all marketing materials in your business as well as the speakers. Back of MLS data sheets, newsletters, brochures, open house flyers

15 Days – Contact newspaper and other appropriate publications to ask for free placement in events section. Also, place any paid ads to run up to the event.

Tip: Run ads only on Sunday or other day that real estate is advertised heavily and never, never enter the location of the event. They must call to get event location.

14 Days – Make arrangements for audio or video recording the entire event for use in marketing after event, make arrangements to use an InFocus machine and screen for your PowerPoint presentation.

10 Days – Call any current prospects to invite, have a brief meeting with other speakers to go over content.

9 Days – Prepare handouts for event. Contact venue to confirm date and time, ask about tables, etc. for refreshments

7 Days – Order food and refreshments

6 Days – Confirm with audio/video person or test your equipment if you are using your own.

2 Days – Call all RSVP’s with a reminder of time and location

Day of Event – Arrive 1 ½ hours early, set up refreshments, hand outs, arrange table and chairs, help get audio/video set up, set up tables and chairs, get PowerPoint ready to go.

1 Day after event – Send Thank You to those that showed up and sorry we missed you letters to all no shows.

2 Days after event – enter prospects both that showed and no showed into regular follow up system

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Ross Quintana
Real E Smarter - Spokane, WA
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Spokane Washington Real Estate Expert I haven't tried one of these yet, but may in the future. I think many things aren't done by agents if they require any planning. Just the nature of the business. I think htis leaves some great opportunities for those willing the invest the time.

Jun 29, 2008 06:30 AM