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If you enjoy puzzles and math, this should keep you occupied for a while.  Visit the Keller Williams profit sharing model to see if you can figure it out quickly.  I personally did not waste much time on the attempt as I figured I would need to hire a mathmatician to calculate what my earnings would be based on company profits (assuming there are profits).  Then I probably would be broke all the time.  My hired person would be making out better than I.  Maybe it's just the end of a long day and I'm too tired to figure it out on my own.  Nontheless, I will leave this to the ones who can get all the colors on Rubik's Cube to line up in the time it takes to open a beer.
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  Randy Landis, Overseas Retirement Consultant.


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Allen Kavanaugh
VIP Realty Group, Inc - Fort Myers, FL
the profit share is quite easy and has nothing to do with commission an agent recieves on a sale. I would be more than happy to explain it to anyone
Feb 29, 2008 10:58 AM